Back to The Future: Embrace The Mad Mid-Century Decor

Back to The Future: Embrace The Mad Mid-Century Decor

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What goes around comes around, that is the only consistent rule there is in fashion, especially home decor. Don’t believe us, then how do you explain the huge resurgence of retro-inspired interiors? Exactly. Retro is back, baby. For some, this news is nothing new. Some people have been adding a touch of vintage to their kitchens for years now, adding a Smeg fridge alongside retro patterns. But we’re not talking about the kitchen. We’re talking about how you can think outside the box and make the retro styles work in your living spaces. Chic and gorgeous, that’s the aim of this bold and beautiful game.

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You Don’t Have To Over Do It

Going retro with your decor doesn’t have to mean you go the whole shebang and make everything bright colours and crazy designs. That won’t work. Even Austin Powers would feel nauseous if you did that. It just means adding a few cool mid-century pieces to change the dynamics slightly, patterned rugs, retro pieces of furniture, maybe an orb fireplace and some bold artwork. That’s all it takes. Just a few pieces that drop the hint and says you’ve stepped away from the mundane.

See It As An Investment

Going retro can sometimes be synonymous with expensive, but that is because it can be vintage, rare and will never again be made, so think of it as an investment. These pieces, if looked after, will go up in value. That is why it could be worth looking at where to get an unsecured loans so that you can by that bright orange Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, or that classic Eames lounge chair and ottoman or even one of their compact sofas. These are items that are famous in the world of mid-century furniture, and totally justifiable as investments.

Future-Proof Your Investments

Vintage, retro and mid-century are definitely appealing right now, but it may not always be; which is why you should opt for more subtle additions and not a total makeover. Just a few items and splashes of colour is all it takes to create the look, and that will seriously draw out its longevity. Kooky side tables, out there cabinets, sexy chandeliers, the right throw pillow matched with the right rug; these are the things that will get you that hip look you wanted, setting the tone for your entire house without swallowing your entire house. The whole idea here is to keep your place timeless and easily altered to keep in with changing trends. Moving art or swapping out chairs; this is simple stuff compared to stripping walls.

Inspiration To Flock To

There is no better place to go for inspiration than Mad Men, the show that almost entirely brought mid-century cool back into the now. It is a time when style was some exploratory, so stand out and memorable. In terms of names to keep an eye out for, even if it is just to mimic the style of their stuff, Eero Saarinen and Isamu Noguchi are up there, as are the two we skipped over earlier; Eames and Arne Jacobsen. If you want to steer away from the most famous, then look at Mies Van Der Rohe and George Nelson for inspiration. You’ll smile at what you find, there are no two ways about that.

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