Awesome Ways To Plan A Unique Wedding

Awesome Ways To Plan A Unique Wedding


Weddings are great regardless of what type of wedding you choose. However, an original wedding adds a sense of excitement and freshness that you don’t always get. Lots of couples like to go for the tried and tested, which means you see the same wedding in a different venue again and again. You, on the other hand, may want to kick the conventional into touch and go with a unique wedding ceremony. If that sounds like a plan, you will need to create one with a twist.

Hire An External Company

To begin with, you may not want to plan the wedding at all. The thought of trying to plan an original party may be too much to bear, which is not unreasonable. Still, you can still have everything you want if that is the case. With the help of the Juggling Inferno specialists, you can cover every base from entertainers to daring performers. All you have to do is call them and strike a deal.  


Have It Outdoors

What is more of a twist than having an indoor ceremony outdoors? As the majority of weddings take place inside, it is completely different to have it outside. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it happen. The cost of a wedding tent is quite low, especially when you compare it to a church or a hotel. There are a few things you have to take care of when you plan an outdoor ceremony. But, they are quite small issues that shouldn’t add too much hassle, time or money to the process. It is so simple, but it makes a huge difference.

Mix Up The Transport

Town cars and limousines are good, but they are bit boring. You can hire either of these cars whenever you want, so why not try something different? Instead of going for the traditional wedding transport, go for something a bit daring. A hot air balloon is a great example. Hot air balloon companies do provide a wedding service, so you can float from your hotel to the church. Or, you can hire animals like elephants to drop you at the door. Just make sure you have enough food!

Make An Entrance

Entrances are becoming more popular thanks to the couple that danced down the aisle to Chris Brown. Still, that doesn’t mean that dancing down the aisle is by any means a conventional way to enter a church. You can pick different music and perform different dances to mix it up a bit if the idea seems too similar. Or, you can create an entrance that is completely original. The beauty of a unique wedding is that it is your decision!

Change The Dress Code

Does the idea of suits and ties make you squirm? Lots of people hate formal dress clothes as they are uncomfortable. Well, it is your wedding, and you can choose the dress code. A good tip is to try and think of clothes that mean something to you as a couple.

A conventional wedding doesn’t have to be your wedding if you don’t want.  

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