Mandy Platt
Mandy Platt is a highly regarded personal trainer, nutritional advisor and mentor within the fitness world. She is the go-to expert in all things health and fitness. A former bored housewife transformed her life and is on a mission to transform the lives of women around the world. Training hard was always a passion of hers but with a lack of good personal trainers to choose from she made it her goal to become one of the best. Mandy has no website and yet has a waiting list as she’s so in demand. Through her fitness training with Premier (a leading college) and nutritional qualification combined with her relentless passion is what inevitably gives her her edge.Mandy has worked with young adults in recovery from eating disorders teaching them healthy lifestyle. Mandy also provides clients and corporates with one to one health and fitness mentoring, boot camps and fitness classes. For over four years, Mandy has covered all aspects of health, fitness and body transformation, with a massive interest in woman in recovery from disease and other illnesses!Top TV Global Fashion Presenters Naomi Isted says “ Mandy has transformed my life, body and mind in a way no other trainer has ever managed. I don’t know how I got by before Mandy mentored, coached and trained me in all aspects of fitness and health.”Mandy’s mantra is “food is medicine and along with correct exercise keeps you young, mind strong and positive with a happy outlook on life.”She is there for my clients 24/7 throughout their journey and will coach and mentor them via phone/texts in between sessions to keep them on track! She’s just turned 50 years old and is in the best shape of her life which inspires most of the women around her to commit to her plans, programmes and lifestyle changes. Follow her on Instagram for daily motivation @mandy_platt1