Are You Missing These Aspects Of Home Security?

 Are You Missing These Aspects Of Home Security?


‘Home security’ is a common enough term, which tends to bring to mind the idea of safety. A quick search online affirms this stereotype, with images of security cameras and barbed wire fences cropping up.

So is that the catch-all for the term – security meaning safety, prevention against theft? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to be. There are other types of security that your home needs, depending on what you’re trying to protect against. It’s not just a question of making your home the domestic equivalent of Fort Knox, when there are other areas that deserve your focus as well.

Secure Your… Heat

You probably pay a lot of money to keep your home warm during the winter months. Gas prices rarely go anywhere but up, meaning a good portion of your income is going to go to heating your home.

It’s therefore pretty galling to think so much of it is wasted.

When you heat your home, the interior space temperature increases. But then you have to keep heating your home; if you turn the heat off, then the temperature begins to plummet again pretty quickly. That’s because the heat escapes from every vent it can possibly find.

It therefore follows naturally that to save money on your heating bills, you have to slow the leak of existing warmth from your home. The only way of doing this – shy of putting your home in a thermal bubble, which would prove rather impractical – is to close off every hole and crack. You can do this yourself armed with some builder’s caulk or filler, or ask a professional to do it for you. Just inspect every wall – including the loft – for any gaps that might let air escape. If you find one, fill it in. Even a gap the size of a pinhole is going to make a difference.

It’s also worth looking at the fixtures and fittings that you use. You can help matters by choosing curtains and blinds that have a thermal rating, installing doors like these systems by Debar and using draught excluders beneath doors. The changes themselves may seem small, but they add up to something substantial.

Secure Your… Weatherproofing

No matter where you live, there is always the chance for extreme weather conditions. It might be rain, snow or even blazing heat that turns every room into a sauna – but whatever it is, your home needs to be ready for it.

The part of your house most vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature is the roof. A slipped roof tile is not just an inconvenience; it might be a sign of a fundamental problem with the structure. Always inspect it regularly. A good roof should last for up to 20 years with decent maintenance, so always ensure when you buy a property you know when it was last changed.

There’s also your garden to think about. Fences, cold frames, and other vertical objects will bear the brunt of any winds that lash upon your abode. It’s easy enough to either weigh them down or drive support structures in the ground. Not only does it protect the item itself, but also the windows of your house are safe from being crashed into should they come loose.

Secure Your… Pest-Free Zone

If you look at with a glass-half-full mentality, it’s nice that nature’s creatures want to come and live with you.

Okay, so that’s a pretty hard sell. Very few of us see a line of ants through our kitchen and think “oh how nice.” We’re more likely to scream, immediately pull the kitchen apart and frantically Google for every known method of ant killing.

The only way to keep your home pest-free is to be proactive. If you see a sign of an infestation of any kind of creepy crawly, don’t try and convince yourself it’s okay to ignore it. Take immediate action in as humane a way as you can find.

You also have to be on your guard for behaviours of your own that might be akin to extending an invite to the nasties. If you frequently leave crumbs on the floor, then it’s time to start hoovering on a regular basis. It also makes sense to switch all paper or cardboard food storages to plastic or stainless steel – it’s a lot more difficult to gnaw through, so any mice who wander in will swiftly leave again!

So while your standard idea of “home security” is important, don’t forget that there’s plenty of other considerations to keep in mind!

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