Adventures At The Equator


Sitting cleanly on the left shoulder of the South American continent, Ecuador enjoys the gift of the sun. The country is right at the equator which affords it not only perfect tropical weather but characteristic coastal waters. Although not as well known as larger neighbors Brazil and Argentina, Ecuador is actually quite a serene holiday location. Its capital city of Quito is situated in the north while the smaller towns and more traditional villages sprawl across the south. The commercial city of Guayaquil is a city that grows more confident in itself every year. With more high rise buildings being planned and built, the city’s skyline is a mark of the progress it’s made in the last half-century. One of the best genuine cities you could visit in the entire nation, it hasn’t lost its local charm to modernization as other parts surely have. There’s so much to do and since the streets in the city are in grid form, traveling from location to location is so easy. It’s not a city that wants you lying down for your holiday; it’s got a lot to offer those who are ready for an escapade or two.

Santa Ana Hill

Much like the beautifully colorful favelas of Brazil, the local neighborhood also known as a Barrio of Santa Ana Hill is a sight you have to experience in person. The community on the hill was first started by the famous Spanish painter Diego de Urbina was resettling the city between 1540-1550. The hill is filled with locals that call it there home and have done for many generations. Easily one of the best vantage points in the entire city, the hill provides panoramic views of the coastline, the ports, beaches, and further inland terrain. Stretching out to the north is the meeting of the Babahoyo and Daule rivers. These rivers then seep into the Guayas River which forms the artery causing the land-split. The further south you go you have the commercial center where professional offices, businesses and companies are present.

High rise hotel

Spending just half a day walking around the city will be enough to get your tired on your first couple days visiting. What better way to relax than to have a room in a hotel that has a swimming pool on the 16th floor? The Courtyard Guayaquil is incredibly well-liked by the majority of people who have used its services. Weary eyes from around the world have given their reviews openly and say the three-star official rating doesn’t do it justice. Sitting at a healthy 4.5-star user rating, it’s not that hard to see why. For those who want to work up a sweat as if you weren’t already, there’s a fitness center that can be utilized at any time. All accommodations feature fast and free Wi-Fi internet access as standard. For those who want to stay in for the night, there’s an in-house restaurant serving classic Ecuadorian cuisine.

Of all the nations in South America perhaps it’s Ecuador that is least known by many holidaymakers. It sits quietly on its own and not boasting about its attractions. Those who want adventures at the equator will find their way here eventually.


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