Add Your Unique Style To Your Homes Interiors With These Easy Steps

Add Your Unique Style To Your Homes Interiors With These Easy Steps

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Does one of your rooms need decorating? If so, you should be excited! Even though many people hate decorating and DIY, you should look forward to the chance to add your very own personality and style to your home. It is a great way of turning a house into a home. And it is something you can do even if you don’t think you have a good eye for design. It is very simple! Here’s how.


Use Photos

Use as many family photos in your decor as possible. These will help you create displays that mean a lot to you. There are many ways to incorporate pictures into your design. You can simply display them in photo frames. Alternatively, blow them up and have them printed onto canvases for your walls. If you want to mix things up a bit, print your pictures onto cushions so you can cuddle relatives even when they aren’t home!

Take Tips From Your Wardrobe

If you aren’t too sure about which colour palettes would be best for your rooms, have a peek into your wardrobe. Are there any shades and colours that are particularly standing out? If there are, then these must be your favourites. So use these to help you pick your decor colours. Obviously, you won’t want to end up matching your walls. But if you have a better idea of which colours you prefer, you will be more likely to pick wallpaper and paints that you will like for a long time.


Don’t Be Boring With Wallpaper

Just because it is called wallpaper doesn’t mean it is just for your walls. If you see yourself as a bit kooky or like to be at the cutting-edge of fashion, then let this bubble over into your interiors. Don’t be boring with wallpaper – use it in places others might not expect. One cool idea is to use it to cover the insides of cupboards and drawers. That way, when guests need to grab a cup from your cupboard, they’ll get a surprise flash of colour!

Match Your Furniture To Your Personality

If you are chatty and bubbly, pick loud pieces of furniture that match! Opt for bold and bright colours. Try and think of the shape of the piece too. Curves and soft edges can suit someone who is very laid back. If you like the best that life has to offer, opt for high-end furnishings in top-quality materials. Things like a leather Chesterfield sofa will certainly add some class to your home. You can find stylish furniture online, including pieces from cr laine.


Consult Your Family

Of course, it isn’t just you living in your home. Your family should also have a say in the design! Chat with your partner so that you both understand each other’s ideas. You could even get the kids involved in the whole decorating process. Older kids can help with painting while young children could paint some artwork that can be displayed with your photos!

Happy decorating!

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