Achieve Zen in Your Home with These Calming Design Tips

Achieve Zen in Your Home with These Calming Design Tips

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When you hear the word Zen, what comes to mind? Peace? Relaxation? Serenity? Everyone wants a home that enables him or her to unwind, especially after a busy day at work or looking after the children. After all, modern life is so fast paced, and home should be your calming and peaceful sanctuary. We can help you to make sure this is the case. Read on for some top tips on creating a Zen home.

  • Get rid of clutter – There is only one place to start, and this is by getting rid of all clutter. Clutter is one of the biggest stress causers in the home. If you see everything from magazines to games littered around the house, you won’t be able to unwind properly. To achieve a Zen ambience, keep your home clean and ensure that everything has a place.
  • Minimize decorations – Do not place too many items on display in your home. Instead, ornaments and decorations should be kept to a minimum. Avoid lots of framed pictures on the wall and colorful paintings. To create a soothing atmosphere, you need to keep things simple.
  • Add Zen decorations – There are lots of Zen decorations that you can add to your home, including blossoms, water fountains, stones, and bamboo wall decal. But, as mentioned in the former point, you do need to keep your number of decorations to a minimal, so don’t go overboard. Keeping things minimal is still important. Also, be careful regarding your placement of decorations. You don’t want your new additions to appear like clutter.
  • Use simple furniture – If you choose complicated lines and intricate designs, it won’t fit in with your Zen look. Instead, make sure of clean lines and simple furniture. Choose designs that are minimalistic and opt for natural materials for warmth and relaxation.
  • Choose natural fabrics – Choose fabrics that are soft and light in terms of color, and make sure they are natural fabrics. You can add a soft rug or carpet to make a room appear more relaxing. Wool and linen are also great for window treatments and coverings.
  • Incorporate the Zen elements – There are five Zen elements, which are Wood, Metal, Water, Earth, and Fire. It is important to incorporate these classic elements into your interior design. There are many different ways to do so. Wood is an easy one to start with, as you can choose wooden furniture, as well as bamboo plants and tree decorations. For metal, not only do you have furniture, but also you can incorporate sculptures and frames. Add a water fountain or photos with water scenes for water. For fire, you can choose candles, fire bowls, or a fireplace. And for earth, plants and trees are ideal, as well as earth tones.
  • Use earth colors – Make use of earth colors to achieve a Zen interior. White, beige, and soft tones of pink beige and gray are good choices. Think about colors that will help you to relax. If you opt for harsh colors, they are going to make you feel even more stressed when you get home.
  • Add candles – Opt for non toxic candles for true relaxation. Natural products are the only way to go if you want to truly unwind. Not only do they offer a beautiful and subtle light source, which is perfect for creating a relaxing ambience, but they can also add a gentle and soothing scent to your home.
  • Place plants around the home – Plants are great for a number of reasons. Of course, they look beautiful, and natural life can help people to chill out and feel happy. Not only this, but plants provide oxygen and improve air quality in a home, which generates a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. There are so many different plants to choose from, but make sure you select a variety that thrive indoors.
  • Add soft textures around the house – If you have a laminated or tiled floor, it is important to add some soft textures in the room to soften this. From plush rugs to soft cushions, there are so many ways you can add texture to create a calming look.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to create a Zen look in your home. Follow the advice mentioned above, and you will have no trouble relaxing when you get home from work or once you have put the children to bed. It is amazing how much of an influence your surroundings have on how you are feeling, and so it is really important to make sure that your house has a soothing and calming feel.



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