Accessorise Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

 Accessorise Your Outfit from Drab to Fab

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You don’t have to be Stella McCartney or Vivienne Westwood to work out that accessories are an important part of creating the perfect look. Basically, your outfit if the canvas upon which you create the masterpiece using your accessories. So great are accessories’ powers that they can transform even the drabbest outfit to fabulous fashion statement.

Here are some of the best fashion accessories to give your outfit a boost:


Hats are great. They almost always create a dramatic look and a flourish of flair to outfits, no matter how boring, and because they come in so many styles, from the Parisian beret to the bohemian straw boater, you can always find a hat that will match your outfit and suit your style.


Scarves should be a staple in any girl’s wardrobe because they are just so versatile. If you have a handful of pretty scarves, you can mix and match them with your clothes to create a whole host of different looks. They can be tied rough the neck when wearing a pant-suit for a more frivolous feel, placed on the head for a cute, quirky look and even used as an impromptu belt to break up a block of colour. Best of all, they’re extremely affordable too.



Okay, this one might be a bit obvious, but so many people neglect to use jewellery to its full potential. There’s nothing wrong with wearing an understated silver necklace or a pair of stud earrings, but they’re unlikely to have much of an impact on an unforgettable outfit. If you really want to make an impact, buy bold, bright jewellery and stack it to the max. No one will forget your look if you do!

sjp 3Watches

Watches aren’t as popular as they once were now that we all carry around a myriad of devices that can tell us the time, but that just means they’ll make more of an impact when you do wear one. A gold or silver timepiece oozes elegance and looks great with a pretty evening dress.


Every woman needs a purse, so you might as well use yours to your advantage. Luxury leather handbags always look sophisticated and help to finish off any outfit, but if you like to stand out a bit more, choosing a brightly coloured purse will make all the difference.



Belts aren’t just for ensuring your pants don’t fall down and give the world a glimpse of your underwear – they’re the perfect accessory too. If you’re wearing a bland dress or baggy shirt, adding a belt to your waist will not only give you more shape, but it’ll add an extra detail to your outfit, and that’s how you make your outfits stand out.

Hair Accessories

If your outfit isn’t hitting the spot and you just can’t find the right accessories to improve its appearance, why not do something different with your hair instead? Adding a braid, or pretty updo and accessories like glittery hair clips, ribbons and headbands can add a touch of style that will elevate your look.

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