A Look at the 5 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours

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Although we may be heading towards the winter, there’s no reason why we should stop eating ice cream. This treat is a favourite with kids all over the world, and there really is no better accompaniment to chocolate cake… or jelly! If you purchased a new icecream maker by Vonshef this summer, there’s no reason to put it away in the cupboard. Instead, keep reading for a list of the most popular ice cream flavours, and get yourself motivated to try replicating some of them yourself.

5. Neapolitan

Created in the 19th century, Neapolitan ice cream consists of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It’s a favourite with kids everywhere who just can’t decide which flavour ice cream they want to eat. The ice cream was named after its Italian origins. Neapolitan immigrants travelled to the United States and brought the ice cream with them. The colours have a similar look to the Italian flag, especially when stacked next to each other in conventional packaging.

4. Strawberry

Fresh and sweet, strawberry is an especially popular flavour during the summer months. If making this ice cream yourself, you could add fresh strawberries to the mixture as opposed to strawberry flavouring, which is often used in the shop bought varieties. This flavour dates back all the way to 1813 when it was served during the inauguration of the fourth president of the United States.

3. Butter Pecan

An especially popular flavour in North America, butter pecan features vanilla ice cream with roasted and chopped pecans and a crispy butter coating. It has a slight toffee flavour to it, and is especially popular during the autumn. Sometimes butter pecan ice cream will be serviced with a cookie crumble or a pie. You can also find different varieties, usually containing different nuts.

2. Chocolate

It’s no surprise that chocolate is high on the list of the most popular ice cream flavours. This flavour is said to have originated in Italy in 1692, and it was even created before vanilla ice cream! It wasn’t until the late 1800’s, though, that this ice cream really came into its own, and nowadays it’s a true family favourite. Again, you will find plenty of different varieties of chocolate ice cream, although the standard flavour does tend to be made with milk chocolate. Chocolate ice cream can also be enjoyed with a number of additions, such as pecans, syrup, and the infamous Cadbury’s flake!

1. Vanilla

And, at number one on our list is vanilla. Many people may believe vanilla to be a boring flavour, but it’s so delicious that there aren’t many people who don’t like it. Vanilla ice cream came into existence in the early 1700s, with the Italians and the French leading the way. Nowadays it is one of the most versatile flavours and can be enjoyed with almost anything.

Which flavour of ice cream is your favourite? Have you ever tried making your own? Let us know in the comments.

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