A Home at the End of Your Garden, Why Not?

A Home at the End of Your Garden, Why Not?

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Do you have dreams of introducing another liveable space to your home? Do you have a big, old, empty shed at the end of your garden just waiting to be brought back to life? Then why not combine your dreams and your empty space and turn your old shed into a liveable space? It’s easy to do — and it’s a very trendy thing to do at that. Below you can find a few hints and tips on not only how to do it, but how to get the best out of the venture too.

The first thing you have to do is ensure you have a shed that is big enough to be habitable. If you don’t, and you want to continue with this venture, then you’ll just have to have one put in. Then, once you’re sure you’ve got a shed that is going to be big enough for the job, it’s time to start the transformation from shed to mini home. And the transformation must begin with the necessities. It must begin with ensuring those that will be using the space as a place to live in are afforded everything they need to retain a good standard of life. First and foremost, electric needs to be ran down there. What use would a living space be if you couldn’t see it in the dark? In fact, on the subject of lighting it might be a good idea to light a path down to the mini home at the end of the garden too. That way you can be sure nobody would be getting lost on their way home. But it’s not just about making sure the place is lit. It’s also about ensuring the place has water on tap too. For this reason, you need to ensure plumbing installations and repairs are high on your list of properties. Well, you don’t want those that are going to be living in it to have to keep running up to your main home every time they need the loo, do you?

As necessary as the electrics and the plumbing are, however, you still have to pay attention to the aesthetics of your mini home. And one way to do this is to blend the inside decor of your main home with the rustic feel of the outside world. This is a perfect idea as the mini home at the end of your garden is as close a home can be to nature in city areas. And one way to achieve this blend is to retain, as best you can, the rustic wood feel found within your shed. You can do this by not only making the wood safe to be in such close proximity to, but by polishing it also. By doing this you can save on wallpapering and painting costs too, so it’s a win-win! But you also want to bring the essence of your main home down to your mini home. The best way to do this is transfer any pieces of furniture that you no longer need in your home down to your new home at the end of the garden. If saving on costs is your thing, then that is something that you should most definitely seek to do.

These types of liveable spaces are perfect for young adults, otherwise known as Boomerang kids, who are fresh out of college, not flush enough to afford their own place and too proud to move back into the family home. By building a liveable space at the bottom of your garden ready for the return of a college graduate you can be sure of a number of things. One is that they won’t be out on the streets. Another is that they won’t be feeling too disappointed in themselves about having to move back home. Or if you just want the liveable space at the end of your garden to yourself, then make it your own! It’s yours, you do with it as you please!

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