A Handy Checklist To Prepare You For Moving Day

A Handy Checklist To Prepare You For Moving Day

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Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, and one filled with many possibilities. However, before you arrive at your new house, there are all the stresses that come with the move. From packing up your belongings to dealing with your emotions, the transition can be difficult. Thankfully, we are here to alleviate some of the stress you might feel. Follow our handy checklist to give you a lot less to worry about when it comes to moving day.

Gather up boxes

Start collecting boxes early, as you are going to need something to carry your belongings. You may have cardboard boxes in your attic, but you could also ask family and friends. The local supermarket will also have a selection, but be warned that their leftover boxes are often in high demand from other home movers.

Once you have boxes in place, you can start to pack any non-essential items. You can even start packing weeks in advance, as the more you do early on, the less hassle you will have in the final days before the move.

Hire a removal company

Unless you are thinking about strapping your refrigerator to the top of the car (and you really shouldn’t), you will want to hire a professional removalist to relieve you of some of your larger items. Book early, as depending on the time of year you are moving, you may find the more popular removal companies are already booked up. Friday and Saturday are often their busiest days, so move mid-week if possible.

Re-direct your mail

You won’t need to do this until a few days before you move, but you shouldn’t forget to speak to your postal service. While you will hopefully notify your utility companies in good time, you don’t want to forget Great Aunt Mary who lives out in the sticks and has no idea you are moving away!

Tell your bank
For your financial security, you need to tell your bank about the move, and any other finance companies you use. You don’t want important documents getting into the wrong hands, such as new credit cards or bank statements, so ensure they get to the right place.

Tell your insurance companies

Not only do you need to end coverage of your current property, but you also need to ensure your new home is properly insured. This is also a good time to check your policy, as there may be extra items you need coverage for in your new home.

Sort out your utility bills

Avoid paying for somebody else’s use of your old electricity supply by letting your supplier know the date you are moving. You should also use this time to shop around on a price comparison site for a cheaper provider, so consider your various utility services, and get a better deal where possible.

Ask for help

Finally, as the big day approaches, you don’t want to be left alone. From carrying boxes to cleaning up your old property, you will benefit from the extra support your friends and family can provide.

Good luck with your house move!

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