A Country Fling: How to Decorate Your Home Like a Farmhouse

A Country Fling: How to Decorate Your Home Like a Farmhouse


The dream of a romantic, snug, and traditional-looking nest is closer than ever. While it seems like that farmhouse feeling is exclusive to actual houses on a farm, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You can achieve this look with a studio apartment in the middle of the city, highlight it in a rustic house, or just shower your rental room with these sweet and genius ideas – it might not be for free, but the ideas certainly are.

How far you’ll be able to take it depends, of course, on your location as well as budget. Mix and match as you please, and get ready to wake up to a charming and wholesome home every morning.

Sturdy and Practical

So, you’ve probably been in a few actual farmhouses and caught the farm style virus from here. Think about what you saw in their kitchen and living room; most farmhouses have functional furniture and utensils, as people rely on them to last a long time. The kitchen would be in use throughout the day, so a lot of utensils are on display and ready at hand for cooking each meal, from their early breakfasts at dawn to mid-noon dinners.

They would rarely paint their walls in crazy colours either, by the way, as being at home after a long day of manual labour meant to relax with a cup of very black coffee and the latest newspaper. Keep the colour palette neutral and bright, with shades you’d find in nature.

Frail decoration, chairs that are nice to look at but unbearable to sit in, and precious little cups to drink coffee from in the afternoon have no place in a farmhouse.

Think large wooden furniture that looks like any grandfather’s handywork, copper utensils for your kitchen, and sturdy stoneware to set the dinner table with. Remember that most farm families decorated and furnished their home slowly over time – a pillow here and a pillow there is an excellent approach to achieve the style.

Practical and durable meant that the furniture they used could be passed on to the next generation; think wood, leather, and copper when you plan the look of your new farmhouse.

Typical Farmhouse Elements

Although you’re welcome to go positively nuts and bathe your home in every single farmhouse element you can get your hands on, this is hardly necessary. The look is easily achieved with a few simple items that speak farm charm loud and clear such as butcher block counters, timber windows, vintage furniture, and apron sinks.

If you think like a farmer, you’re quite likely to end up with the look of a farmer, picking out homely pieces from a flea market and pairing it with another hand-me-down from the neighbouring farm. Mix a few of these elements together, and keep in mind that you don’t have to go all out.

Streamlining the look is often just as expensive as it is impractical; besides from making the ghost of past farmers laugh as you strive to achieve a look they tossed together over a decade or two, you’re kind of beating the point of the farmhouse style.

The romantic farm look is the most popular one for kitchens today, and it’s no wonder that you would like to enjoy these simple pleasures as well. A farmhouse is a house that’s in use, by the way, so you better invite your relatives over for cake and tea, and get the kitchen cooking with homely aromas of freshly baked bread.

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