A Chic Winter Country Style Bedroom In Only 4 Steps

A Chic Winter Country Style Bedroom In Only 4 Steps

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As the nights start to draw in and the temperature dips a little, it’s nice to have a place in the home that is comfortable and cosy to retreat to. For many of us, this is our bedroom, a great room to spend time in at the weekends when you have a layin, or somewhere that allows us to retreat to bed early, and read a good book while snuggled under the duvet. In particular, a chic winter country style bedroom is the perfect choice for the colder weather, and with the 4 steps below you can create this look easily in your own home.

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Colour scheme

The colour scheme in a winter country style bedroom is one the crucial aspects to get right. To do this, you need to combine relaxing naturals such as white, cream, taupe, and cappuccino with bolder winter shades and patterns.


In particular, plaid fabrics in green and red work very well, especially if they are used sparely in things like the bedcovers. You can even get brushed cotton duvet sets, which are warm and snuggling on the skin and make the perfect bed perfect to curl up in when it’s cold outside. Although if you choose, you can go for neutral on the larger area fabrics and just accessorise the room with cushions and throws in plaid and tartan, as then you can ensure it won’t become too overwhelming.


Light is an aspect of room design that you need to consider carefully as well when creating a chic winter country style bedroom. After all, you will need enough light in the room to make it practical, but you will also want to be able to adjust the light settings to give you a softer, more cosy feel.

You may choose to do this with lamps with dimmer bulbs at either side of the bed. Alternatively, you can add some festive cheer with some plain and simple fairy lights in warm white. Drape them over the headboard, or surround pictures on the wall with them for a glittering magical effect.


When it comes to bedrooms, the furniture you choose is pretty important. You will, of course, need a great bed, as well as bedside tables, and storage options such as dressing tables and wardrobes.

The furniture needs to be comfortable, as well as look the part, and that is why you should consider brands like Stag furniture for your winter, country style bedroom. They have some gorgeous shabby chic ranges that would fit perfectly with the colour scheme discussed above, and they will even look great with more spring and summery themes, as the seasons change too.


Simple decorations make the best choice for a chic winter country style bedroom. Picture source

The Finishing touches to your winter country bedroom will be the decoration that you use. Simplicity is the key here, and very basic items like evergreen branches real or fake can set the room off a treat. Flameless candles and hurricane lamps can also give you that cold, but cosy feel and really make your chic winter country style bedroom a place that you’ll love to spend time in.

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