A Chic, Highland Wedding

A Chic, Highland Wedding

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You may have seen some weddings themed like this on social media lately. They are certainly becoming very popular. A chic Highland wedding is all about combining the romance of the wilds, with elegant details and a little sprinkle of tartan here and there. So, if this sounds like something you would consider for your own big day, read on for some inspiration.

Including tartan in your day

Of course, the very first thing most folks look for when they are hosting a Highland themed wedding is how to include tartan into their day.

Well, first of all, I would urge you to do it tastefully and respectfully. Tartan isn’t just a design, but a mark of identity and community. So, if you have Scottish roots, it is a nice idea to pick the relevant tartan for you family.

You also don’t want everything to be tartan, so a hint here and there, is sufficient. For example, use a tartan design on the inside of the invitation envelopes. Make napkins on the tables tartan, and pair them with crisp white tablecloths for contrast. Or even use it in the ties for the page boys and groomsmen.

Then, of course, there is always the opportunity to get the groom to wear a kilt in tartan. But you might want to ask him not to wear it in the traditional style, just in case, it’s windy when you take the photos!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.54.24The Perfect Venues

Actually taking the wedding to a location in Scotland is probably the best way of gaining authenticity for your day. Happily, there are a great range of venues that you can choose from.

Try a wedding venue that is a little grand with some military history like Douneside House in Aberdeen. Or you can brave any outdoor wedding in Sky. Just remember to wrap up warm and take a big coat for after you have said your vows!

A remote crofter’s cottage also makes a beautiful backdrop for your vows and photos too. But as you probably won’t get the whole wedding party in there is best to hold the reception in another venue.

Remember to that, you can still honour your Scottish roots by using the tips mentioned in this article, wherever you have your wedding.


Including traditional Highland flowers like thistles and heathers is a great way of tying in a Scottish theme to the wedding.

Bring you bouquet bang up to date by combining them with succulents that have green and pink tones as well. As these will compliment the purples and lilacs of the thistles and heathers perfectly.


Now, it may be tempting to go for the traditional haggis and neeps and tatties, or swede and potatoes to the non-Scottish natives! Which would make a fine hearty meal for you guests.

But if you are looking for something a little different why not go for a delicious Cullen Skink? It’s a rich fish soup made with undyed haddock and would be perfect if you wear having a coastal wedding. Be sure to serve with lashing of crusty bread and butter to make the most of this delicious treat.

Then, of course, there is only one real choice for dessert which is cranachan. A mix of cream, honey, layered in between raspberries, and sprinkled with oats that have been toasted in a wee dram of whiskey! Delicious!

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