A Guide to Lighting Your Kitchen

A Guide to Lighting Your Kitchen

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Achieving the correct lighting in the kitchen can be tricky. Not only is sufficient lighting needed to prepare and cook food whilst ensuring fingers remain intact and burnt offerings aren’t on the menu, but you also need to keep things low key and ambient as this is your place to gather with family and friends. Residential lighting can be a minefield for those who want to make an impact but are not in the know, so here’s how to strike a happy balance between functional and the wow factor when elevating your kitchen’s appearance.

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Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lighting should cast the majority of light across the room, and without being intrusive, it should subtly soften shadows along the way. Track lights are a popular choice of accent lighting. They offer a degree of flexibility as they can be angled to focus on specific areas such as worktops or walkways. Additionally, lights can be added or taken away from the track to adapt to the size and shape of your kitchen. Whatever you opt for, ensure it creates an ambience and gives off enough light for you to comfortably rustle up a feast in the kitchen.

Dining Table Lighting

Let your choice in lighting be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party, as you transform something ordinary into an intelligently lit area for entertaining. The lighting you choose all depends on who’s coming for dinner. If you’re looking to set the mood to romance, low level lighting is key, but for family meals, a fairly high-set fixture is required to allow people to see what they’re doing. A dimmer switch is the answer, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Under Cabinet Lighting

Not only does under cabinet lighting look incredibly chic, but it can create the illusion of space in the kitchen. By pinpointing parts of the kitchen that are usually left in the dark, you can bring some life to unexpected areas and ensure those places that can’t be reached by ceiling lights are living up to their full potential.  

Breakfast Bar Lighting

A breakfast bar is a wonderful place to relax, socialise or dine with friends and family in a casual setting. Make a bold statement by adding LED linear lighting to the unit’s underside or add a simple, circular ceiling light to ensure your breakfast bar is always in the spotlight. Not only will it look impressive, but it will also create an atmosphere people can happily soak up and enjoy.

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