Quick Ways To Prep Ingredients For Healthy Recipes

Quick Ways To Prep Ingredients For Healthy Recipes

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When you can prep vegetables quickly and easily, you’ll be much more inclined to use them in your meals. It takes the time-consuming element out of preparing healthy dishes. At the end of a long day, you can easily put something together without having to resort to an unhealthy takeaway. Looking for quick and easy ways to prepare your veggies for healthy meals? Read on!

A Food Processor

Food processors come with different attachments such as graters, slicers and choppers. Using the grating attachment you can quickly shred things like cabbage, carrot and onion to make a healthy slaw. Mix with some greek yoghurt and spices instead of mayo for a light alternative. The perfect crunchy side dish for salads or to jazz up wraps and sandwiches. The chopper attachment can be used to finely dice vegetables, which can be used to bulk up ground meat and sauces. As well as being able to make things like homemade hummus, salsa and pesto. What would take an age by hand can be done in a matter of seconds with a food processor!

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A Mini Chopper

A chopper is a bit like a mini food processor, but just has the chopping attachment without any extras. These are more compact than food processors so handy if you’re looking to save space, or don’t feel as though you would use the additional options. They’re useful if you’re looking to quickly chop smaller portions, or if you’re only cooking for one or two people.

A Vegetable Slicer

Kitchen slicers allow you to finely slice and julienne vegetables. While the food processor will have an attachment like this, you’ll get much neater slices doing it with something like this. And plus, it still takes a matter of seconds. A kitchen slicer such as the Borne slicer can thinly slice potatoes or sweet potatoes to go on top of a healthy casserole. You can quickly and easily slice things like carrots and courgettes, or tomatoes and cucumber for salads.

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A Spiralizer

Spiralizing vegetables is really popular right now. With one of these handy gadgets, you’re able to make a nutritious, low carb alternative to spaghetti or noodles out of vegetables. Courgettes, carrots, cucumber and lots of others all work really well with this technique. You can also spiralize potatoes or sweet potatoes, season and oven bake them for a low-fat potato side dish. There are a couple of different types of spiralizers out there. Each will give you slightly different results, from long strips to curled ribbons. So read some reviews and work out which one you like the look of most.

So if you’re looking to eat more healthily and incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet, the key could well be updating your kitchen equipment! The easier and more convenient it is to eat healthily, the more likely you are to stick with it. So give yourself the best possible chance!

Do you have any tips for preparing quick, healthy meals?

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