Hacks to Tackle Morning Hair

Hacks to Tackle Morning Hair – I’m probably not the only one when I say this, but I’ve never pulled off the ‘rolling out of bed’ look very well. In fact, I leave at least an hour to ensure I’m presentable before I leave my house, and don’t even get me started on my hair!


I tend to prep my hair the night before – If I didn’t I would probably have to wake up at least 3 hours before I leave, and let’s be honest, who can commit to that?!

So my routine normally consists of either washing it, straightening it or curling it the night before, and then in the morning it needs little done to it – if any.

However most mornings when I wake up, I get an attractive cowl lick on my crown from where I laid (how inconvenient is sleeping). This results in me spending a certain amount of time in the morning trying to sort this nuisance out and even when I do, my hair never looked as good as the night before.


Alas, I have found a number of things to combat this natural occurrence.


Silk pillow cases


I couldn’t count on my hand how many people have recommended a silk pillowcase to me. It has been known to reduce flyaways and keep hair looking, well, how it looked the night before.

Hearing of this magic, I had to get my hands on one. They’re quite expensive compared to your cotton pillowcase however, wow are they worth it! My hair was flyaway free and my curls stayed in place – no exaggeration.

The dreaded cow licks were there, but nowhere near as bad as they have looked when sleeping with a cotton pillowcase – but hey, that’s my hair type for you.

In the long term – I am yet to see for myself as I haven’t used one for long – they are meant to lock the moisture in your hair, whereas a cotton is quick to dry hair out.

Either way, a silk pillowcase is a definite investment.


A Wet Flannel


Another way to tackle those hair ruining cow licks, is to place a damp flannel onto your head and leave it for a few minutes, until you feel like your hair has reset itself – I tend to do this while I’m applying my make-up.

Blast with hot hair and then cold air to lock in the style and voila cow lick and fly away free!

Chloe Rafferty
Having always loved everything to do with fashion and beauty, Chloe knew this was the career she wanted to pursue.She has recently moved to London to start an internship in Fashion & Lifestyle PR, giving her a vast knowledge of the industry. She enjoys writing in her spare time and recently started a personal blog. She also loves reading, staying fit, meeting new people and eating good food!

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