The Benefits of Non-Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

The Benefits of Non-Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

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Traditional weddings have flocks of bridesmaids, all dressed to the nines in tulle, silk, satin, and lace. If you want a traditional wedding and you have an unlimited budget – great – you can look forward to your panoramic wedding photos with you as the centrepiece surrounded by a gaggle of giggling bridesmaids. For brides with a different kind of vision, there are other ways to dress your bridesmaids.

Smart brides take advantage of tips from websites such as They know every little helps. One important way of saving money that many brides overlook is to stay well away from traditional bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid Frocky Horror Show

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows just how ridiculous some bridesmaid dresses are. Take the movie, 27 Dresses. It is a great example of some of the crazy dresses the average bridesmaid ends up wearing to appease her friend, the bride. In one of the scenes in the movie, the main character, Jane, tries on all 27 dresses stashed away in her closet in quick succession. The dresses range from hideous to strange, yet Jane is happy to have been chosen as a bridesmaid. Without wishing to give away the ending, all 27 dresses make a further reappearance at the end of the movie, each one worn by the bride who commissioned it.

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Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Jane in 27 Dresses was a very compliant bridesmaid. She was happy to wear any dress, no matter how awful. Most bridesmaids are not so game and asking your best friend to wear a pink concoction of lace and satin may cause offence. One way to avoid any upset and hurt feelings is to give your bridesmaids more control over what they wear.

Non-traditional bridesmaid dresses are not your classic floor length gowns in pink or whatever other colour you pick for your wedding theme. Non-traditional dresses can be any length, colour or style. More often than not, the dresses don’t match and they may not even be a dress! Skirts and trouser suits are just fine.

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Save Money

If you go down the non-traditional route, you can save a fortune. Instead of shopping in traditional wedding stores or buying from an online wedding dress retailer, you can buy some regular dresses in mix and match styles, or even make your own dresses. Any dress that is not specifically branded as a bridesmaid dress will have a lower price tag.

Dare to be Different

There is nothing wrong with being original and originality is to be encouraged, particularly when planning a wedding. Not everyone wants their wedding party to look like an identikit of every other wedding. It is far more fun to have a theme whereby you stay well away from a white meringue dress and pink tulle bridesmaids. By choosing non-traditional bridesmaid dresses, your wedding will be deliciously different and therefore much more exciting.

Traditional can be boring, so for your wedding, why not try something a bit different. Your bridesmaids will love it!

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