Lush Lip Scrub Review



The cold weather takes a toll not only on your skin but also on your lips. Did you know that lips have only 3 to 5 cellular layers while typically facial/body skin has around sixteen cellular layers? All the more reasons to take lip care seriously and help your lipstick glide on flawlessly.

I’ve been using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub for the longest time and it’s a great product. Recently however Lush have brought out a new lip scrub, a limited edition Valentine’s Day one entitled The Kiss, and what better time to test it out and let you all know my thoughts.


Like everything that Lush makes it smells INCREDIBLE and good enough to eat, since it’s made with all natural products that shouldn’t be a problem! Lush have even shown us how they make this amazing product over on their blog. 

This new lip scrub has little edible hearts that add some extra friction to the sugary scrub, making it that much more effective. The usage instructions are clear to follow but one thing to remember is that you can’t just lick it off once it’s been applied, as it says on the packaging, it gets sticky so it’s much better to integrate this product into your daily skincare routine than trying to use it on the go.  lush

A little goes a long way so you definitely get your moneys worth with this product. I’d recommend using it three to five times a week but if your lips are really damaged then go right ahead and use it everyday.

Overall I would, and I do, recommend this product to anybody who wants smooth kissable lips and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Mahum Masood
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