The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds!


Ok, it’s nearly Christmas – so let’s talk diamonds! This month it was reported that a property tycoon purchased an extremely rare blue diamond at an auction for a whopping $48 million! So this got us wondering at Augustine Jewels …which other rocks cost the most?

diamondsThe Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan diamond is the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, at 3106.75 carats. It is worth around $400 million and it’s currently in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

The Hope Diamond diamonds

The Hope diamond at 45.52 carats resides in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C and it remains one of the museum’s most popular and iconic items. It is the world’s largest deep blue diamond and worth an estimated value of $350 million.

De Beers Centenary Diamond

This diamond was named after the Centennial Celebration of De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1988 when it was presented as rough. It weighs 273.85 carats and is valued at about $100 million.

Pink Star Diamonddiamonds

The Pink Star diamond also known as the ‘Steinmetz Pink’ diamond is 59.60 carats. It was recently sold for $83 million at an auction in Geneva.

Wittelsbach Diamond diamond

The Wittelsbach diamond is a 35.36 carat blue diamond and valued at around $16.4 million. It was part of both the Austrian and Bavarian Crown Jewels. Its clarity and colour has been compared to the Hope diamond.

The Heart of Eternitydiamonds

This diamond was found in the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa. It is 27.64 carats and valued at $16 million.

Moussaieff Red Diamonddiamonds

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is 5.11 carats and rated in colour as fancy red by the Gemological Institute of America and it is worth $7 million.

Allnatt Diamonddiamonds

This rare diamond was named after Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, an English businessman and philanthropist. It is 101.29 carats and classified as fancy vivid yellow by the Gemological Institute of America. It is valued at $3 million.

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