7 Ways To Style Prints At Home

7 Ways To Style Prints At Home

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When it comes to home decor, your options are endless. If you’re looking to redo your design or you’ve just got a new place, and it’s time for a remodel, your mind is probably racing with all things interiors. But, you don’t have to stick to the same old decorating ideas and feel as if you’re following the flock. Instead, you can inject a little slice of yourself into each and every room. If you love all things color and character, a fun way to do that is to play around with prints.

Whether you want to channel relaxing vibes, add a lot of life into your home, or create a bit of both, take a look at these seven ways of styling prints to see how you can achieve a look you love.

On The Walls

In each room, your biggest space to play around with is often the walls themselves. Even if minimalism is in, you don’t have to paint everything white if the idea makes you want to scream. Instead, go crazy with colors, textures and, of course, prints. Putting up printed wallpaper is just one of the ways you can add warmth, character, and life into your home. Whether you choose a sweet and simple floral print or a quirky color block, your walls are the biggest place to do it.

In Small Pops

Sometimes, you love prints, but you’re a little afraid of them. When that’s the case, start off small. If you’ve got a basic design theme in mind, but you want to break it up a little, adding in small pops of print could be the perfect solution. From a throw here and a cushion there, you can add little accents in everything from your accessories to the details in the house itself.

With The One Rule

If you’ve never used prints before and you’re apprehensive that you’re going to go overboard, stick to the one rule. By having just one print in each room, you know that it can never be too much. If you’re new to buying prints, it’s also an excellent way to ease yourself into the printed way of life. Whether you choose a painting in the kitchen or curtains in the bedroom, by sticking to just one printed item per room, you know it will be enough.

On The Floor

Just like your wall space, your floor space can often give you a lot of room to play with. When it comes to your flooring, you can go as big and as bold as you like. From choosing a completely printed carpet or tile for one room to selecting a printed floor covering like those from Hali rugs, you can make your printed statement as small or as large as you like. The key here is to ensure that you either start with a basic backdrop or choose your flooring first and decide on everything else after. That way, your balance will be just right.

Across Your Furnishings

One of the safest ways to play around with prints is to use your soft furnishings. Not only can they move between rooms if you suddenly feel like you’ve done too much, but they can also be switched out completely and brought back later on in life. Your living space accessories are often the easiest way to add personality to your home. So if you love prints and want to show off a little of yourself in them, choose printed furnishings.

Mixing & Matching

If you’re a die-hard print fan, you may be ready for this step. What better way is there to go big with prints than to mix and match them? Not everyone is a fan of mixing prints, but it can be done tastefully to make a big design statement. The key here is to start small and add prints in as you go. If you try too hard to buy everything at once, you might find that you’re met with a lot of mismatched styles.

With Furniture

Another big way to be bold with styling prints around the home is to do it with your furniture. Whether you’re looking to go for a retro look or you’ve just fallen in love with a few key pieces, things like printed sofas, tables, or even wardrobes can look uber cool. Just take the marble trend for example. You can get printed tables that look so chic, even though they’re huge. Make sure you work with a basic backdrop, and your statement will always stay chic.

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