7 Unique Wedding Day Ideas To Impress Your Guests

7 Unique Wedding Day Ideas To Impress Your Guests

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When it comes to your wedding day, you want it to be memorable. It’s the one day of your life that is all about you and your other half. You’ve been to other weddings and realize that there’s not much difference between them, but you want to change that. There are now some unique ways to make your wedding different and memorable, so read on to find out how.

You could opt for a photobooth at the reception. This is a fun way to get everyone together and have some memorable photos to look back on. You can add props and costumes so everyone can be as silly as they want to. It means everyone will enjoy themselves, and they’ll be talking about it for ages afterward. You can also post the funniest ones on social media. Just confirm with your venue first that it’s ok to have one at your reception.

Another way you can ensure your wedding is the envy of your friends and family is to create your own snapchat geofilters. You could add effects such as the date of your wedding or the name of the bride and groom. You can even incorporate the flowers and venue into the filter. Doing this means you will stand out from the crowd and have some memorable moments to relive.

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Hiring your own ice cream van or food cart is another great way to keep everyone at your reception happy. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you could have a vintage vehicle or a cart. These are perfect for summer weddings when you can enjoy being outside and will make everyone wish they had thought of it for their wedding.

You can have centerpieces made entirely out of fruit. This is a fantastic idea for long days when people are starting to feel peckish, and they can be made to look really ornate. It also saves trying to decide on a color scheme for the flowers.

If you want an offbeat idea, then why not set up a tattoo stall? No, we’re not talking about people having the date permanently tattooed on them. There are companies who will create temporary tattoos to mark your wedding. It will certainly stick in people’s minds and is a really cute way to bring everyone together.

An excellent way to let everyone feel as if they are a big part of your day is to create some lovely items they can take home with them as a memento. You could create some drinks coasters or even personalized favors.

If you know there will be a lot of children attending a wedding; you could do everyone a favor by hiring a babysitter. You could set aside a room at the reception where the kids can be entertained, or have a nap. It means the adults can focus on enjoying the day rather than worrying about keeping their little ones amused.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your special day and make it as memorable as possible.

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