7 Signs It’s Time to Seek Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription Drugs

Research has revealed that 20% of teens in the United States have occasionally used prescription drugs for reasons not intended. The reasons teens misuse prescription drugs vary based on factors such as background, age, and gender. You could even become an addict to prescription drugs unaware, especially if you require a traumatic incident after a surgery or accident. One of the factors behind the growing misuse of prescription drugs is that they’re available and legal. Below are a few signs one needs Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment treatment.

1. Behavioral and Physical Symptoms

Research has revealed that stimulants, opioids, and anti-anxiety medications are the most misused prescription drugs. Memory loss, dizziness, drowsiness, and confusion are some of the symptoms of sedatives. Teens that misuse stimulants for a long time often experience restlessness, insomnia, and weight loss. Conversely, opiates can cause depression, blood pressure drop, sweating, constipation, and confusion. Effects of these drugs can intensify when their addition combines with alcohol or other illicit drugs.

2. Isolation

One of the signs it is time to seek medication for prescription drugs is when teens begin to isolate themselves for no apparent reason, hanging out with new buddies, or even neglect routine responsibilities. The addition may also exacerbate side effects such as paranoia and depression.

3. Personality Change

Change of personality is a typical symptom of prescription drug misuse, and drug users may not notice them until addition worsens. Personality changes can take the form of disengagement or mood swing and are more likely to request withdrawal from your favorite activities, stay out late at night, or request privacy. You could be in need of prescription drug treatment if you get emotional when someone brings up a topic about drug misuse.

4. Dishonest Behavior

Of course, no one wants to admit that addiction has taken over their lives. As such, an addict may use any excuse or lie about being sick as they try to cover up the fact that they are addicted. Dishonest drug addicts might start to deny certain behavior or distance themselves from others. Change of patterns and schedule can indicate that someone is misusing prescription drugs. Poor performance at school, fatigue, and lack of hygiene can all be cause for alarm.

5. Financial Difficulty

Financial difficulties can indicate that a drug user is addicted. The severe addiction is, the more money a drug user needs to get satisfied, so they will need to purchase high volumes of prescription drugs. Teens are likely to start to steal from their parents as their addiction takes hold.

6. Gender Risk Factor

Research has revealed that the number of women that are addicted to prescription drugs is on the rise. While more men than women are addicted to prescription drugs, the rate of misuse is higher among women than men. In 2015, the percentage of deaths caused by prescription drugs among women was twice more than men. Anyone can become addicted to prescription drugs, but many teens are still in denial about it due to its availability and legality. You can fall into the trap of misusing these drugs as you try to quell mental illness, anxiety, or even pain.

7. Taking More Drugs than a Doctor Prescribed

You could be consuming more drugs than the doctor has prescribed. You may be having a problem if you’re struggling to control the volume of painkillers you take. It is wise to seek medication if you suspect you’ve become an addict to prescription drugs. The pressure to perform well academically and socially might make teens more prone to drug misuse. People working in high-pressure jobs could also use stimulant drugs to stay at work for long hours.

It could be the time to seek medication for drug addiction if you notice any of these signs. It can be easy for anyone to get addicted to prescription drugs, being honest with yourself, trusted friends, your physician, and addiction professionals can help you deal with it. Never feel afraid to contact an addiction specialist when you notice any of these symptoms. Alternatively, teens can seek guidance from a local drug treatment center, which has specialists that can help you recognize these symptoms and help you reform.


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