7 Reasons why the Peloponnese is our favourite Greek Region

7 Reasons why the Peloponnese is our favourite Greek Region

Located on the southern expanse of the peninsula, The Peloponnese is a region steeped in history, enriched by the breathtaking natural beauty of what are arguably some of Greece’s best, less developed sandy beaches. The region is perfect for relaxing, exploring, seeing, learning and of course devouring all of those classic Mediterranean flavours. The history is well preserved and so is the charm. Here’s why the Peloponnese is our favourite region in Greece.

Bags of History

Some might consider the region the equivalent of an open air museum, with well-preserved archaeological sites strewn in every direction. In fact, if you’re not careful, you’ll be tripping over them. Epidaurus Theatre was built in the third century to entertain 15,000 people with spoken word performances and it’s said that they could be heard perfectly with no amplification. After you’ve explored this cultural gem, head over to the two ancient cities of Mycenae and Epidaurus, as these are two of Greece’s most important archaeological sites to see when in the region. You can even visit Ancient Olympia, the archaeological site where the Olympic Games were founded- no big deal.

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Island hopping

The region is perfectly placed to get out on the infamous turquoise waters and explore Greece’s vast collection of islands dotted to the south in the med. Whether you take a day trip or hire the world’s fanciest yacht for a week of exploration, island hopping is a great way to see each and every inch of beautiful Greece. If you didn’t know that Greece had a reputation for island hopping, check out this guide. And for those of you who just want to sample a taste of the sea, you can explore the region’s many coves in a kayak.


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Prime windsurfing conditions

If we could have any job in the world, we would be windsurfing instructors in the Peloponnese. The conditions are perfect and the environment in which happy holiday-goers gather to enjoy it is nothing short of spectacular. Mornings begin with a gentle breeze and this gradually increases to a brisker, more surfable breeze as the day goes on. The conditions are reliable and there is a plethora of coves in which to learn.


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The Spas

Aman is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest luxury hotel groups and the spectacular spa at Greece’s very own Amanzoe is nothing short of exceptional. The wellness spa enjoys coastal views set upon a remote hillside location, surrounded by verdant olive groves. You can opt to have one of their signature infusion treatments in your room, or amongst the tranquillity of the 12,000 ft. walled spa. The resort has attracted royalty in the past and it’s easy to see why. They’re currently offering a limited number of custom built hilltop Amanzoe Residences that serve to reap all the benefits of the Amanzoe Resort, set amid this iconic natural haven.


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A Natural Playground

Although the waters are considered some of the best in the med, the region doesn’t just cater to those who like to get their flippers wet. The region is  great for land lovers too and when using your land legs, this is when you can really take advantage of this stunning region. From rocky mountains to green forest and everything in between, the landscape is diverse in every sense. Home to some of the country’s best hiking and biking, travelling through the region is like taking a journey through an ancient world.  Grab a bike to cruise along the isolated coastal roads and through peaceful villages, as this is some of the best two-wheeled action in the country.

Fine wine

The region is ideal for a wine-centric road trip through the dramatic countryside, with mountains, archaeological sites and a beautiful coastline to keep you occupied along the way. There are vineyards dotted everywhere throughout the region. Try Achaia Clauss Winery. It was founded in 1861, so it’s not quite as old as everything else, but they are one of the area’s leading wine makers.


Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a colourful harbour side resort, with waterside restaurants, cafes and stunning beaches to appease the cosmopolitan traveller.  Sample some fresh fish down at the harbour or enjoy the bustle of the local market for an authentic Greek experience. Don’t forget to indulge in the region’s mouthwatering feta!

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