6 Things New Mothers Need To Know

6 Things New Mothers Need To Know


Having a new baby can be a nerve wracking time, though it doesn’t have to be. Here are some helpful things to look out for to make it a little less stressful!

You will know when you have fed them enough.

Babies are required to eat every couple of hours. If you opt for natural feeding, however, it can be difficult to gauge accurately how much milk you are giving her. Your doctor will assess your child’s weight within a few days. Newborns drop 5 to 8 percent of her body weight in the first week but usually redevelop it by week two. Nappy counting can also prove useful. Her schedule during the first week is erratic, but after that, you will witness around five or six damp nappies a day, and, at least, one or two full nappies.

Don’t be upset by baby crying – they’re communicating!

Their cries will inform you of when they’re hungry, cold, need a fresh nappy or want a cuddle. Early on these “conversations” can be a shock, but don’t worry, you’ll soon realise what she needs in good time. Some parents quickly learn to read their child’s hunger call. You will find that you develop a routine where your baby wakes up, like clockwork, at the same time intervals. This makes preparing for your baby’s meal times much easier.

Your baby’s looks will change before your eyes.

Your child’s features may look a little squashed, which is no surprise really. After all, they may have just squeezed their entire body out through a gap a few inches wide. They may have a layer of fine baby hair. This is called Lanugo. They also could be puffy-faced and have squinty eyes that are seemingly always closed. After all, they have just spent nine months in the womb. They iron themselves out pretty quickly and will be looking more how you imagined soon enough!

Don’t expect too much interaction for about six weeks

Babies are simply responding in the early days. They are getting used to so many new sensations that they need some time to figure things out. As we grow and mature, we often become more complex, along with our needs and desires. As babies, however, we are purely responsive creatures. If we are hungry, we cry. If we need to have our nappy changed, we cry. If we are bored, we cry. It is like working for a manager who only complains. Pretty soon however you will having much more 2-way experiences with your new infant.

Dry skin is not a concern.

First of all, they may be silky and smooth, but that will not last forever. “If you soaked yourself in liquid for nine months and then hit the air, you’d be dry too!” says Laura Jana, MD, pediatrician and coauthor of Heading Home With Your Newborn. There is nothing you need to do about dry skin as it usually corrects itself by flaking away. If you feel more comfortable, pick up some hypoallergenic baby lotion. Try to make sure it is fragrance free. Such is the nature of the internet, you can get anything you need for your baby online. Whether it is essentials, like talcum powder, or leading brand change bags, if you can name it then you can find it.

Until the umbilical cord falls off, give your baby sponge baths.

The drier it is kept, the quicker it will fall off — usually within the first couple of weeks. Anyway, newborns don’t tend to get that dirty! If the umbilical cord becomes damps, pat it gently with a towel.

Enjoy your time with your new baby, and remember, treasure this time while they are young as they will grow quickly!

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