6 Sleek Ways to Uplift the Ambience in Your Home


During the many different stages of your life, you might go through mood changes depending on how you are currently feeling, what you are doing and how busy you are. You might find it beneficial to uplift the overall ambience in your home to reflect this. Whether you’re looking to make life changing decisions or trying to move on from the past, there are so many ways to change up the vibe in your home and allow yourself to feel comfortable again. Check out these six sleek ways to elevate the atmosphere and make you feel more content at home.

  1. Mood Lighting

Lighting is absolutely everything when it comes to creating a certain ambience in your home. Look into unique and chic ways to light up the different rooms in your home. The brand Bomma offer a variety of distinctive lighting options such as those with transparent soap bubble characteristics in their special collections.

2. Cosy Comforts

If you’re feeling blue, then you need to boost the home comforts around you. Whether you find it relaxing to have candles dotted around the room or you like to snuggly in a warm blanket after a long day at work, fill your home with special comforts that uplift your mood and create a positive atmosphere.

  1. Smart Space

Decluttering your home and making more space can help to create a better atmosphere overall. Perhaps there are certain items that give you bad memories and you need to clear them out of the way in order to move on. You will find it therapeutic to have a good clear out every now and again.

  1. Clever Clean

Having a deep clean on a regular basis will make your home healthier and safer for everybody. Even if you are the type of person who cleans little and often you should always set time aside to carry out a more thorough clean in the areas you would normally miss.

  1. Savvy Shades

A slightly more noticeable change you could make throughout your home, is an alteration to your colour scheme. Perhaps the bold and bright choices you made a few years ago now don’t make you feel as relaxed as you’d like to be. Switching to more muted shades such as creams, pastels and neutrals will change your ambience from loud to laid-back almost instantly. You can then match up your accessories and furniture to match the new colour scheme.

  1. Smooth Switch

Rearranging the furniture in a room or swapping around two rooms altogether is a very useful way to make a change around the home without spending too much money on new items. You might find that your lounge works better in a different room in your house or your bedroom is cosier in one of the smaller spaces. Measure up your options and see where your creativity takes you.

So change up the atmosphere in your home and your mood will soon reflect your living space; from lighting to colour palettes the decision is all yours.


Naomi Isted
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