6 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Unique


 6 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Unique


We can’t all afford interior designers. But at the same time, we want a way to make our home feel unique. Now, with the rise of the internet, there has never been an easier time to get inspiration for a beautiful new room design that’s affordable too. Here are my top tips.

Coffee Pod Stands

Those little foil tubs you put in your coffee machine: where do you keep them? If you’re anything like I used to be, they’re shoved in an ordinary breakfast bowl, or still in their box. Ugly. Now though, I’ve picked up a beautiful chrome stand to put them in. All my favourite strengths and flavours lined up, ready for me to grab in the morning. Plus now that they’re not all piled up in a bowl, they look rather pretty too.

New Digital Weighing Scales

Still using old scales with a spring inside, and the little mechanical dial that turns, usually too far? They’re rarely attractive, especially older varieties. Think about replacing them with new digital weighing scales. I love sleek scales with a matte-black finish. I feel it complements the tiles in my bathroom. But you can take your pick of colours. Weighing scales also now come with advanced functions. They can tell you your body mass, your hydration levels – even your bone mass.

Wire Egg Run

Eggs tend to keep a long time. That’s why the supermarkets don’t bother to keep them in fridges. Often they’re just out in the aisles with the tins of beans because nature has already done the work of making them last a long time. That’s why I like to have my eggs out in my kitchen. Get them out of that cardboard box and put them in an egg run if you have space. It just makes the kitchen feel so much more alive. I like a spiral design from Home Treats UK best.

LED Fairy Lighting

If you’re not clued up on LEDs then you should be. They’re cheap to run, will last for years, and give off beautiful coloured light. Even if it’s not the festive season, you can still drape a run of fairy lights over the mantelpiece. Or perhaps along the end of the bed, depending on what type of bed you have.

Mosaic-Effect Bathroom Accessories

Matching bathroom accessories can make bring the whole room together. And mosaic effect I think goes well with the atmosphere in the bathroom. It gives it a real nautical feel. You can pick up mosaic-style mirrors, toilet brush holders and tumblers online.

Waterfall Tap

Finally, my favourite. You might have seen waterfall taps in the magazines or online, and they’re not as pricey as you might think. If you are planning a new bathroom, they’re something that will elevate the space. It’s also something that your guests remember. How often have you been to a place with a waterfall tap. Probably only in an expensive hotel or restaurant. I find that they pair well with granite-style wash basins, but they will also work with square enamel basins.

Naomi Isted
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