5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Wedding Season

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Preparing for wedding season is hectic, especially for a bride to be. Take the pain out of your wedding arrangements with the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist where we give you 5 ways to prepare yourself for wedding season.

Meet with the photographer

A personal meeting with your photographer pre-wedding is a crucial step in your wedding planning itinerary. You will spend a significant amount with your photographer or media team so it is important that you ensure your personalities will correlate. When you have your meeting with your photographer, make sure that you are as detailed as possible with what you want out of their services and come up with a plan. Make sure that you both share the same vision and do not be afraid to ask questions. Lin and Jarisa Photography Services emphasize the importance of asking questions during meetings in their article 15 Questions for your Wedding Photographer.

Get your hair cut and colored, if desired

There are any “dos and don’ts” when it comes time to having your hair colored and styled for your wedding. Take caution here, ladies. If you have never colored your hair before or had it styled at an extreme length, now is NOT the time to start. Instead, consider using a gloss for your hair to bring out its natural color and shine. Start planning and scheduling appointments with a hair stylist months before the wedding, especially if you do intend on changing color. Do not change the color of your hair or have your hair cut immediately before your wedding. Do have your hair colored and cut weeks prior to our big day so that your hair has enough time to settle. Make sure that you schedule appointments to try out that dreary hairstyle you vision before your wedding. Just because it looks good in your ind does not mean the style will work for you. Make sure that you get the final color and trim a week before your wedding as it is the optimal time for allowing any color to set. Stay away from tools that put off an excessive amount of heat and be sure to keep your hair protected from the sun. Finally, be sure to schedule your week before and day of appointments at your first consultation to make sure that your stylist will be available to you on those important dates.

Follow a fitness routine

What bride to be doesn’t want to be fit and looking her best on her big day? Studies suggest that nearly 25% of women want to lose weight before their wedding day. The Berkeley Hotel wrote up an amazing a wedding fitness planthat covers everything from dropping pre wedding weight quickly to keeping fit through the wedding week. This 90 day plant goes into detail about healthy ways to drop extra pounds such as water intake, exercise and short term fasting for weight loss while emphasizing how you should never deprive or starve yourself. Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and that your fitness routine includes cardio and toning exercises. Following this 90 day plan will get you in shape for your wedding.

Send out the invitations

Sending out your wedding invitations will be one of the most important steps you take in your wedding planning. As with any other type of party planning, sending out invites for a wedding calls for a particular etiquette. Traditionally, you should be sending out invites a month to 8 weeks before your wedding. This allows for the proper amount of time for guests to plane, schedule and make travel arrangements. Make sure that those RSVPs are in three weeks prior to your wedding date. It is important that you have that final head count so that you can finish preparing for your ceremony. Be sure to include necessary information on your invites such as the date and time of the wedding day, name and location of venue, RSVP Deadline and your wedding website address. Letter Lane Design Studio wrote up an informative article on their websitethat discusses what you need to know when sending out wedding invitations. Read it now and take advantage of their free checklist for sending out wedding invitations.

Enjoy a bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are not essential, however, they do allow for a bride to be to take some much needed time off of all the wedding planning craziness. A bachelorette party pays tribute to you last moments as a single woman and allows you to spend some time having fun with your closest gal pals. Make sure that whoever is planning the party (if you do decide to have one) plans the party to cater to you. This is YOUR day, not your friends. If you don’t want strippers or anything considered to be “sleazy” tell the planner. The party does not have to be filled with shenanigans and debauchery. If all you want is a nice evening out or a dinner and wine with your girls, that is what you should do. Your bachelorette party should be about you, your wants and your needs.


It honoring yourself and have the best time possible with your closest friends.

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