5 Stunning Wedding Destinations Across Europe

5 Stunning Wedding Destinations Across Europe


When planning your wedding, there’ll come a time where you have to decide on a location. For most people, it’s finding somewhere close by and easy to get to – but why not do something different. There’s a high chance you’ll only get married once, so make it the most memorable day of your life. Instead of finding a local church and reception venue, why not take to the skies and get married abroad. There are many lovely, romantic, places in Europe that are just perfect for a wedding, here are my top picks:

France is a beautiful country with lots of iconic scenery and architecture. The most iconic city in all of France is, of course, Paris! There are few better wedding ideas than getting married in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. You can get married in the shadow of the great tower and then take a trip to the top for a magnificent view of the city. It’s a truly breathtaking way to tie the knot and get some memorable wedding pictures too.

There are dozens of fabulous cities in Italy that make the perfect backdrop for any wedding. But if I had to choose the best one it would be the ancient city of Verona. You might not have heard of Verona, but it’s a city draped in history and full of magical places. It was the setting for Shakespeare’s fictional play ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and is a highly popular wedding destination. You can explore the rich Italian culture and enjoy authentic Italian dishes as a delightful wedding banquet.

The Swiss are known for many things; cheese, watches, Roger Federer, and mountains. Yes, the Swiss Alps are well known throughout the world and a fine place for a wedding. If you’re looking for phenomenal scenery and lovely locals, then getting married in Switzerland will be ideal for you. I’m not going to nominate one particular Swiss city here; I’m just going to say get married by the Alps! It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Spanish culture is truly unique and will breathe life into any wedding. You could get married in one of the big cities like Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona, but I recommend somewhere different. Have your wedding in the beautiful island town of Mallorca, home to breathtaking beaches and peaceful scenery. Mallorca is a quiet, scenic, place that provides a gorgeous setting for the perfect wedding. You might want to alter your wedding outfit for this one, the temperature can be pretty spicy on this little island.

One more destination for good luck, the fine nation of Croatia! There’s not one specific city I’d recommend from here, but rather the entire country. Croatia is a quietly stunning country with bewildering beauty. They have great beaches and great places that will look magnificent in the wedding photos. Getting married in Croatia is definitely a grand idea for a unique wedding destination.

So there you have it! If you fancy jetting off to Europe to get married, then consider some of these destinations. In my opinion, they’re the best this continent has to offer, with each one boasting it’s own unique qualities.

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