5 inexpensive decorating ideas for your home office.


 Creating a functional home workspace doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. While achieving the perfect balance between comfort, function and aesthetics may be a challenge, identifying the importance of each and prioritize them can help.

Here are five home-office ideas and design inspiration for a stylish work-life balance.

  1. DIY Wallpaper

Wallpapers have been used for centuries to brighten living spaces and add spice to a space lacking in liveliness. DIY wallpapers are also a great way to dress up a home office wall without adding unnecessary clutter. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Polka dots – make a grid of sponge-applied paint, then use a brush on each circle to blur the ages.
  • Cut shapes out of boxes, layer the shapes on top of each other and hand paint each shape. This DIY wallpaper will transform your home office into a vibrant and colourful work sanctuary.
  • Use washi tape or metallic film tape to give your home office wall some personality.
  • Consider creating a photographic print overlay or covering the walls with book pages. You can also choose a favourite book excerpt or phrase and cover your wall with it.
  1. Vintage Bookcase

Showcasing books on a vintage bookcase does not only help you organize your books but also makes a fantastic home office. You can also use the bookcase to display family photos and pieces of art – this can help create a balance between homey and professional.

  1. Make a Tray

A desk tray helps to not only keep paperwork neat but also within reach. With a tray, you can easily tell which jobs are in progress, which assignments have been completed and which work is incoming.

The nice thing about DIY office trays is that they are easy and cheap to make. The process involves folding and cutting boards in a way that makes it easy to expand and upsize to as many stacks as you want.

If you’d like something other than mesh or plastic trays, makedo-able has videos that’ll help you make your own classy tray from cardboard.

  1. Rotary Dial Retro Telephone

Another way to design an effective home office is to set up a business phone number that rings straight to your home office. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the phone has the capability for conferencing, messaging and speaker functions.

If you’re into retro or have a home with a traditional interior design, a rotary dial retro telephone would be a great addition to your home office. Most of these classical designed phones have a host of modern features and can work on any standard home telephone line.

However, before purchasing your retro dial telephone, be sure to talk to your vendor to help you choose a phone that suits your needs. PMC Telecom can help you choose an ideal phone. Additionally, the company sells a range of retro phones including wooden country wall phones, old French styled phones, and trimstyle phones among others.

  1. Bottle Display

Invest in a bottle display to showcase a collection of bottles, vases and even vessels. Instead of throwing away your glass bottles, see if they have an interesting colour, pattern or shape. Clean them out and store them until you have enough to create a beautiful ensemble for a mantlescape or centrepiece.

We hope that these five inexpensive decorating ideas inspire you to create your dream workspace. For more home office design ideas, sign up with us.

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