5 Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Animated movies are typically associated with children. The majority of them are made with the intention of being kids films, but this doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them at the same time. In fact, some of the best movies that have ever been created were animations!

To celebrate this unique genre of cinema, I’m bringing you a list of the best animated movies of all time. Bear in mind, this list will probably divide opinions, but I think you’ll mostly agree that these are the top films.

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Inside Out

One of the newest films on this list, Inside Out was only released in 2015, but it quickly received widespread critical acclaim. It’s the first of many Disney Pixar animations we’ll look at, and this one is very unique. The whole premise is that you follow animated characters that live inside someone’s head and represent their emotions. It’s hilarious, touching, and does a great job at showing how we deal with our feelings in different scenarios.

Spirited Away

If you go by IMDB ratings, then Spirited Away is the best animated movie of the 21st Century. Unless you regularly watch anime, then this film will surprise and shock you in various ways. It’s quite unlike any other movie on this list, but it’s easily one of the top films of all time. This anime masterpiece takes you on a journey involving witches, magic, and spirits. Perhaps not one to watch with kids, but definitely worth taking in if you enjoy cinematic brilliance.

Toy Story 3

In truth, I could’ve chosen any of the Toy Story films to put on this list – and I imagine this will be the most divisive of the listings yet! Perhaps it’s a case of recency bias, but Toy Story 3 was the most magical of all films. What made it special was that most of the people watching it was kids when the first ones came out. They were at the same time in life as the boy Andy – who was no longer a boy and was going to college. There was such a touching moment at the end that will tug on your heartstrings and make even the sternest of people shed a tear.

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Up is perhaps the most beautiful animated movie ever. With a cute central character and an even sweeter story, this is a film for the ages. Up brings an old man and a young boy together as they travel in a house supported by hundreds of balloons. It has one of the saddest beginnings to a film you’ll ever see, and one of the best endings ever as well.


Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

We’re really throwing it back for this one; Snow White is probably the most critically acclaimed Disney movie of all time. There have already been live-action spin-offs, but the original animation is the best. It’s a story we all know so well, and one that will continue to live long in cinema history.


So, there’s the list! I appreciate we all have different opinions, so I tried to stick to a selection that was positively received by critics, rather than just my personal tastes. Feel free to contribute your own suggestions in the comments as well.


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