4 Wedding Beauty Trends To Follow in 2018

Wedding Beauty Trends

Weddings require a lot of planning, planning, and some more planning! If you’re heading down the aisle soon, you’ve probably selected the venue, menu, and a unique theme for your big day.  With all the stress of managing this event, many brides put themselves at the bottom of the to-do list.

Don’t make this mistake because you should be the center of attention on your wedding. You want everyone to turn their heads so they can admire your natural beauty. Though you’ll shine in your gorgeous wedding gown, you still want a little extra attention. That’s when you should pamper yourself a couple of weeks before the big day.

Let’s explore the wedding beauty trends you can follow to look even more beautiful.


  • Brides-to-be Are Working Harder In Getting That Glow From The Inside


Undeniably, wedding makeup done by a professional enhances your looks. But having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is what makes you glow from the inside!

To get that natural glow, many brides-to-be begin exercise regimes while the others prefer having at least three servings of fruit daily.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to incorporate a few changes into your daily routine. Start off by cutting down on fatty and processed foods. Sleep properly, at least seven hours every night. Besides, you should drink plenty of fluids to get a radiant glow.

If possible, introduce some amount of exercise into your routine, even if it’s 3 times a week. All this will make you naturally fit, but with certain cosmetic procedures a doctor easily removes fat from the body. It all comes down to personal preferences.

2. Your Hairstyle Is Your Statement

Confused as to which of the hundreds of hairstyles to choose from? Well, don’t be. This time around, it’s all about what hairstyle suits you the most.

There are various styles that you can play around with. It all depends upon your mood. Some prefer to leave it open: straight, wavy, or in curls. You can adorn your locks by scattering small flowers throughout your hair, from root to tip. Or you can tie your hair with a bow that matches the beautifully designed sorority formal dresses that your bridesmaids are wearing.

3. Soft Eye Shades Are In


The aim is to outline the eyes, but not to create a dramatic effect. You should use soft shades of grey, warm bronze, pink and peach paired with a white highlighter on the inner corner. Some daring brides have used silver shadow to make their eyes pop. Another alternative is no eyeshadow – just a metallic eyeliner applied across the top lash line.

4. Choosing A Lip Color Wisely

Lip colors should complement your eye makeup. Both of them should not be fighting for attention. If you want to use subtle shades on your eyes, add a bit of color to your lips. Some are comfortable using a bold red, but if this isn’t your color, you can use a minimalist approach by either using gloss or soft, muted shades of lipstick.

5. Nail Art Creates All The Difference

Traditionally, brides have preferred nude nail polish paired with the classic French manicure. But if simplicity isn’t your style, you can introduce your nails to a bit of fashion upgrade.

Nail art is the rage. With a bit of glitter, your nails will be the center of attention. You can single out the nail of your ring finger by painting it differently than the rest. If you want to choose a metallic look for your eye makeup, apply the same style to your nails.


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