4 Ways to Increase Your Breast Size

4 Ways to Increase Your Breast Size


The size of a woman’s breasts can affect a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Not all women get breasts that go with their height and shape. They may feel odd or a little awkward about their appearance. There are a few ways that you can increase your breast size, though, so read on. All’s not lost!


There are several exercises that target the muscles of the chest that can help breasts to grow and be perkier. The best exercises are:

  • Push Ups – these target the arms and chest. The majority of the body weight is supported in this area when you do a push up so it works to strengthen those muscles.
  • Wall Push – for this you should stand facing a wall. Then place your hands on the wall. Then you should push against the wall but don’t bend your elbows. Go for 8 – 10 seconds at a time and then repeat for at least 20 times. This exercise may feel a little awkward and may leave you feeling a little sore. It means it is working though and strengthening the muscles around your breasts.
  • Arm Swings – for this exercise you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Have your arms by your side. Then swing your arms in the same direction for about 20 seconds. Rest and then swing your arms in the opposite direction. Repeat for about 10 minutes each day. You will notice a difference in your breast size before too long.


If exercises aren’t working for you or you want quicker results, then surgery is always an option. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures and you can see why. You can choose exactly the size that you want and are led and guided by a qualified team through the whole process. It is a fast surgery and doesn’t take too long to recover. It can be a little pricey so you need to weigh up the options of the benefits it will have to you, versus the cost.

Choose an Enhancing Bra

Though this method is temporary, it can be a quick fix to give a little confidence boost. Shop around and look at the different varieties of bra and try a few on. Other things that you wear will affect the look of your breasts too. Go for round neck or v-neck t-shirts. This will emphasise cleavage. You should avoid anything that will press down on your chest and flatten it out, like a tube top.

Eat Foods That Will Boost Your Oestrogen

Hormones play a big part in breast size. Take a look at pregnant women for example! If you have more of the male hormone testosterone, then it will affect your breast size. There are foods that will help boost your female hormones, though. The best foods that will help are seeds like flax seeds, sunflower and sesame seed all help. Eggs and fruits and vegetables all help to boost oestrogen so you should have plenty of these in your diet.

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