4 Tips To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe


With our ever demanding and busy lives it’s easy to overlook the importance of keeping your wardrobe organised.  Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and streamlining your wardrobe will help you to get dressed quicker in the morning and give you peace of mind because you know where everything is. Wouldn’t you much rather have a calm start to your mornings instead of spending that precious time manically rooting through piles of clothes?

If so then here are some tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe!

The Six Month Rule 

If you’ve not worn an item of clothing at all in the past six months then give it away. Chances are you’ll never wear it again and it’s just taking up space that could be used for something better, like new clothes! It can be difficult to throw out something if you have an emotional attachment to it but you’ll have to  bite the bullet eventually, so why not now.


Organise By Season

A good idea to getting the best out of your clothes is to organise them by season. Unfortunately we can’t all have Kardashian-esque walk in wardrobes so we have to be a little smarter. Instead of hanging everything up in your wardrobe divide your clothes  to correspond with whichever season they are most appropriate for. Pack up the clothes that you won’t need for that season, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy you can literally just put them in a laundry bag, and store it in your attic or wherever you find can find space. This keeps wardrobe clutter to a minimum, you can see what clothes you actually own and it stops your summery maxi dress from hiding under that christmas jumper.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 23.37.43
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to this every day?


Draw Dividers

If your have drawers in your wardrobe that are in danger of collapsing then head on down to any good home ware store and pick up some draw dividers. They may not be the most glamourous of ways to organise but they will get the job done.


Organise By Style. 

There are many ways to organise the order in which your clothes hang. You can do it by colour or by time of day or even activity. We find that organising by style is the best because you can easily go straight to the section that your looking for and find something. We usually have our wardrobes in this order, from left to right;

  • Coats and jackets
  •  Dresses (obviously the more delicate and expensive evening dresses should be stored in garment bags and in a different place altogether to avoid any damage to them.)
  • Jumpers and cardigans
  •  Shirts and t-shirts
  • Skirts and jeans.


We hope we’ve inspired you to do some wardrobe spring cleaning!

Mahum Masood
Mahum Masood is a recent journalism graduate from City University – one of the highest ranked universities for journalism in the world. Born and bred in East London she loves discovering all the new places and pop ups that make the area so exciting. Currently interning at a graphic design agency in Shoreditch as their Communications Managers. She has previously worked for Made In Shoreditch, an online magazine, and continues to create content for them.She also writes for – a student blog that was originally started 3 years ago and then franchised by the American company HerCampus - a hugely popular online community for women at university across the globe. Her interests include reading till her eyes go fuzzy, collecting fashion magazines and spending most of her time in a cinema.

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