4 Tips For Shopping Online Safely

4 Tips For Shopping Online Safely

Thanks to the power of the internet we now have the ability to do all of our shopping from the comfort of our own homes. Unfortunately, even in this day and age people are still managing to land themselves in a sticky situation with scammers and thieves. There are many ways in which you can protect yourself while you’re online, and if you apply all of them then you needn’t worry about how safe you are when you’re doing a spot of online shopping. Here are some tips for shopping online safely that you should consider applying to what you do.

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Always look for the padlock

When you’re online browsing, you may have noticed that somewhere along the address bar on the webpage there will be a green padlock with the word secure next to it (or some variation of it depending on what kind of browser you use). This is to tell you that the website is safe for you to use and input your personal information. However, many people still use unsecure websites and trust their details with the server. This is not a good idea. Make sure that if you’re making an online purchase or having to put your details in anywhere that you’re looking for that padlock.

Use trusted services and companies

Whether you’re using the internet to buy or sell, you want to make sure that the money you’re receiving or spending is going to the right place, so make sure to always use trusted companies like Paypal. This puts a middleman in between the payments making it harder for hackers to access your cash. The same goes for deliveries, using Shiply delivery service will ensure that whatever you’re buying or selling will get to it’s destination safely and not at risk of a scammer posing as a delivery company.

Use a strong password

It’s scary how easily someone can guess a password, even if they don’t know you. There are many programs that scammers use to decrypt your password. The weirder your password is, the harder it is for them to crack it. For example, using lots of symbols and random letters including upper and lower case letters will ensure that your account is safe. So rather than using ‘daisy123’ use something else like ‘pQiA8^”mZ0’. This might seem like pure rubbish to you but it could save you being robbed. Be sure to keep the password in mind or in a safe place (not your computer) if you’re likely to forget it.

Use your common sense

If something seems too good to be true, then it more than likely is. People don’t randomly give away money or products, so if you’re being offered something that seems brilliant for free or very cheap, then it’s likely to be a scam. Research companies and names before buying from them to see if there’s anything against them to put you off. Also, if your gut is telling you no then it’s best to just leave it.

Apply these four tips for shopping online safely and you won’t need to worry about being hacked or scammed ever again. Remember to keep your computer password protected and with an antivirus and to never store card information on websites. Happy shopping!

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