4 Improvements to Your Backyard that Win Lifestyle Points


When thinking about your backyard, there’s usually much that can be done to make it a livable space where you can enjoy both evenings and weekends. It may not have started out that way but making the most of the space you rent or own is important. Feeling cooped up in your house isn’t helpful when you have outdoor space to enjoy too.

Not every improvement to the garden area is worthwhile. Look at what ideas outlined below are worth it to you. Some will hold more appeal than others. Double down on the ones that do to make them a real feature at the rear of the property. Any friends or family visiting are bound to be impressed with you.

Here are four improvements that can make the backyard cool or fun to spend time in.

Dedicated Barbeque Area

Creating a dedicated area for a barbeque unit is a popular choice for men who like nothing better than to tend the grill and show off their BBQ skills. You can choose to have a smoker to prepare meat over many hours or a regular BBQ grill that is more versatile. It depends how often you grill outside and invite guests over whether investing in a smoker is worth it.

With a dedicated cooking area, it tends to be a male magnet to hang around, drink a beer or two and talk shop. This is an ideal opportunity for the ladies to get together to gossip and enjoy their own company while the cooking is going on. Everyone then gets back together when the food is ready and can enjoy a meal together.

Building out a walled area with smoke management is useful to prevent it drifting over to where everyone else is seated. Smart positioning of the grill avoids issues with cooking smells drifting too far as well. Creating an area to position vegetables and meats ready to be grilled and another space for items ready to go out is useful because most grills don’t have enough space for these items. Having a small storage area to put BBQ items away in between cookouts ensures they’ll survive longer too.

Swimming Pool Seen Better Days?

Your swimming pool might have taken pride of place in your garden previously, but if it’s an older version that hasn’t had the best maintenance over the year, it might now be an eyesore. Perhaps you’ve thought of having it removed because you didn’t want to pay to have it ripped out and replaced with a new version?

One idea to consider is to get your pool professionally resurfaced. There are different ways to go about resurfacing a pool that has unsightly scratches, dents, and general wear and tear. One approach is to use vinyl or possibly paint, but neither of these options provides a finish that you’ll be proud for visitors to see when sitting around the pool area.

The better approach is fiberglass resurfacing which offers the benefits of looking and feeling great, manages curved edges and curved bottoms with zero problems, and tends to be longerlasting too. You can view here to learn more about this innovative approach to revitalizing your pool.

Professional Decking

Getting a professional deck put in at the back of your home provides an elevated platform to look out over your garden. It creates a separation between the house and the garden itself. The deck looks sleek and is a certain winner on the lifestyle meter. No one gets faulted for having a deck.

Be sure to maintain the deck if you choose to put one in. It should be kept clean at all times. Leaves and other debris need to be brushed up and removed. The main cause of concern with wooden decks is damage due to moisture. If you get a deck, here’s what you’ll need to do to take care of it:

In the springtime, the deck is being opened for regular use. Sweep the deck and then use a deck cleaner to get it ready. If the deck is PVC, it will need different treatment. Once it’s been cleaned, it needs a couple of days before adding a sealer to protect the wood for another season.

During the summertime, look for any damage that has occurred during use. This includes parts of the decking that have chipped off or have dents. Repair what you can to avoid moisture getting inside the timber and damaging it.

When getting to the fall, look over the deck to verify it’s looking good. Be aware of overhanging branches where twigs and leaves can be blown onto the deck. Regularly brush up and collect these for use in your compost heap.

Landscape Gardening

When you have a larger garden, it’s easy for it not to get enough use. There’s not much to see but acres of green grass and getting muddy shoes isn’t much fun. The solution to this problem is to get some inventive landscape gardening features put into the garden, starting with stepping stones.

Using landscaping, the idea is to create pockets of interest to focus on. For instance, a fountain in the center of the garden offers a central point to look at with other features extending off from there.

A rock garden section is interesting for people who like looking at the different striations in rock formations. A pond is a great way to attract people who like fish but perhaps have never thought of keeping fish themselves. A creative bit of landscaping around the pond can make it a real feature of the backyard area. Be sure to keep the water clear so the fish are visible.

Think about how best you would like to use your garden and the area in your backyard. If the patio isn’t to your liking, would a beautiful deck be a better choice? Choose the improvements that would give you and your family the most pleasure. Then see how much they’ll cost to implement soon.

Naomi Isted
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