3 Unexpected Ways to Give a Home Personality

3 Unexpected Ways to Give a Home Personality


Our home should be our sanctuary. A place we can feel comfortable, safe, and entirely ourselves. Equally, it should be a place of inspiration. Somewhere we feel alive, motivated, and expressive. The design of our home can provide an intimate portrait of our priorities, tastes, and experiences. When we step inside our doorway, or are entertaining guests, it is a place that should be unmistakably ours. In three creative, easy to achieve steps, you can give your home a personality as unique as your own.

Bring Your Travels Home

If you have been fortunate enough to travel, those experiences are likely to have shaped your tastes and personality. Display your favourite souvenirs among eco friendly homewares, they make for some great conversation starters. Rugs, ornaments, and special souvenirs can create a sumptuous and eclectic atmosphere. Keepsakes like postcards and even used tickets can be a charming and unexpected coffee table feature. Your travel photos need not be hidden away in an album either. You can have your favourite selections added to a custom-made mug or coaster, for example. By sharing your favourite memories in a visual form or as an object, you can invite your friends and guests into a part of your world. Surrounding yourself with fond memories will also add to the positive energy of a room.

The Guest Wall

Many homes and hotels now have a guest book, but thinking of an appropriate or memorable message can be tricky for some. A guest wall, featuring your favourite snaps of anyone to walk through the door, can be a creative replacement. Many digital printers can print photos instantly and wirelessly from your phone. When a guest arrives, take their coat and ask to take their picture! Having an array of fun and silly props can be a great way to loosen up your guests. Funny hats, feather boas, and stuffed animals are always favourites. Mount the photos to a board or line with pegs set up beside the door.

Words of Inspiration

Motivational quotes and words of wisdom are everywhere on social media. There may be a phrase or quote that you feel sums up your view on life, or captures the atmosphere you want for your home. Posters and prints are a popular option, but for something truly personal, why not handwrite them instead? Grab a small canvas, sketchbook, or chalkboard and scrawl away in your own inimitable style. The quote or idea may have originally been someone else’s, but interpreting it in your own way and with your own handwriting makes it yours too. These can be a perfect filler for awkward spaces above doors, for example, or as the first thing your guests see when they enter your home.

With some easy but unconventional additions to your living space, you can inspire both yourself and your guests. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on any of the above suggestions and let your creative energies run wild.

Naomi Isted
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