3 Things You Never Knew About Bob Marley

 3 Things You Never Knew About Bob Marley


Bob Marley

An immensely popular reggae artist and influential spiritual figure, you’d have to look pretty hard to find someone who had never heard of Bob Damien Marley. Although all of us can hum a few of his iconic songs, there are a lot of things most people don’t know about him. If you want to impress your Jamaican friends or you’re just interested, here are a few things you may not have known about Bob Marley.

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First of all, Bob wasn’t legally called Bob. He was born Nesta Robert Marley, though took his middle name as his given early on in life. This was simply because Robert or Bob was more masculine than Nesta, which was seen as a girl’s name. Personally I get a giggle every time I think of his original name on the cover of Uprising! This also wasn’t the only thing which was off about his birth certificate. Bob was born on the 6th of February 1945. His mother was poor and had to work hard to keep a roof over their heads. When she finally had him registered, his birth certificate read that he was born on the 6th of April, which is still a common misconception today.


Another thing many people don’t know about Bob Marley is that he nearly spent his life as a welder. It’s hard to imagine such a spiritual artist in this role, but it’s true! When he was at school, Bob’s favourite subject was maths, and all of his teachers encouraged him to pursue a trade. He didn’t stay long and began pursuing a welding apprenticeship when he was a youth. However, this was cut short. During a working accident, a piece of metal flew into his eye, leaving him with a serious injury and a distaste for welding. After this, he quit his apprenticeship and began devoting more of his time to music. Praise Jah for that dangerous mishap!


Finally, Bob Marley was killed by a football (soccer) match. That’s not to say he died right there on

the pitch. Bob loved football, and found time for it wherever he could. When in France, another player accidentally trod on his right foot, and caused an injury in his big toe. Bob went on ignoring the injury, and it eventually became infected. When he finally had it checked out, he was diagnosed with skin cancer, and an amputation was recommended. Bob refused, and went to another Rastafarian doctor, who prescribed herbal remedies. You can read the full story at www.ajamaicaexperience.com/how-did-bob-marley-die/ . Although the treatment was in line with his faith, it didn’t do much good for him, and the cancer was not regressing. Eventually, he agreed to have the nail bed on his toe removed. The operation did some good, and the musician showed improvement. However, the cancer remained, and eventually killed him in 1980.


I hope you’ve learned a little more about the undisputed godfather of reggae. Now to memorise these odd facts, get out there and wow some of your friends. One love!

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