Halo & Co SS17 Interview


We spoke with Nicola one half of jewellery design duo Halo & Co, who along with her sister Stephanie has built an incredibly successful jewellery empire, on what the next season heralds for them.


Tell us about the new SS17 Collection? halo&co

Part of the new collection is Picasso Pops a real urban mix; it’s Picasso’s palate of primary colours and black visual lines mixed with a street graffiti vibe of styling. All the pieces are hand enameled and hand painted to create a look of street art on every piece, so it’s very cool.

What was your favourite part about taking your designs in a new direction?

We really do like to come up with something that’s visually stimulating for every season. For us this year using bold primary colours is really exciting, just to have the balance of colours together and really play around with an artistic viewpoint. It was challenging but fun.


What is your favourite piece of the collection?

My favourite piece is the very big statement necklace with the yellow resin beads. We never shy away from size at Halo &Co; we do like our statement pieces! halo&co

The graffiti cuffs have been getting a lot of attention too. It’s just about giving a fresh approach; you can dress them up with a contemporary evening look because I don’t think evening wear really pushes the boundaries. So it would be really nice to see something a little more funky and urban coming through to red carpets. You could also dress it down with a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

Who would you see wearing your jewellery?

Well we don’t really want to pigeonhole our customers because women of all ages, nationalities, and all sizes love jewellery. And that’s something that we really believe in at Halo & Co. Make jewellery that’s beautiful, stunning and all women can enjoy wearing it.

Are you looking to any of your fellow jewellery designers for inspiration?

It’s strange because as jewellery designer inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from traveling or just buying an antique teapot and it can get your brain going in the opposite direction. We have a few ideas for next season but it’s too early to tell!

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