10 Of The Best Showstopper Accessories

Model - Stephanie Linda Pause | Make-up - Katherine Louise | Designers - Beauxoxo, Kee Boutique | Photography/Post Processing - Thomas Cole Simmonds

Finding the right outfit is only half of the battle. You also need the perfect accessories that will make your ensemble go from ordinary to extraordinary!

These showstopper accessories step out of the mainstream and will make your outfit pop with individuality and style.

Dune Clutch Bag

Dune Clutch Bag

Not only is this clutch bag from Dune memorable, it also comes in two very distinct colour patterns; a blue with silver edging, and this striking orange number.

Priced at £55

Figgie Shoes

Figgie Shoes

Make a pair of shoes into a show stopping accessory with the design services of Figgie. You can have any design styled on your favourite pair of heels to make them perfectly individual.

Priced by order

Serpentine Pendant


Serpent Pendant

Sleek, stylish and a little bit dark – this Serpentine Pendant gives your ensemble a bit of bite with glittering black cubic zirconias and two bright pink gemstone eyes.

Priced at £195

Eyelash Jewellery

Eyelash Accessories

Your eyes can become part of your overall style with some of these delightful eyelash accessories, available with flowers, cupcakes or candy hearts.

Priced at £16.68



Kanzashi are flowers made from silk and are very popular in Japan. Wear them as hair combs, brooches or as individual hair clips to add a touch of the exotic to your look.

Priced at £12.50

Preserved Flower Necklace

Preserved Flower Necklace

There are few things as beautiful as nature and now you can carry that beauty wherever you go. A preserved flower sits perfectly within this clear resin necklace.

Priced at £11.68

Butterfly Hair Clips

Photography Thomas Cole Simmonds

These butterfly clips are delicate and wonderfully colourful, available in a number of shades. Combine different colours together and add a truly unique flair to your hairstyle.

Priced at £4.00 each

Cat Ear Ring

Cat Ear Ring

A purr-fect accessory that combines a unique look with elegant style. This ring is simple yet eye-catching and will look good as part of any ensemble.

Priced at £240

Stardust Double Bracelet


The striking colour of this double bracelet from Swarovski is sure to gain a lot of attention. The style of the bracelet means it can also be worn as a choker.

Priced at £69

Vivienne Westwood ‘Liz’ Earrings


Vivienne Westwood is famous for her individual and elegant style and these earrings are no exception. Made from mahogany and displaying the emblem of the Royal Family, they are fit for a queen.

Priced at £60


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